About us

Our Story

Camo Spol. s.r.o. has been established since 1991. The company has only one CEO, Mr. Ing. Rudolf Fojtik.
Since the beginning the company has been focused on selling IT products and services.
Our aim is to help our customers to increase productivity and eficiency of their company’s processes. In addition to the supply of standardized IT technologies and solutions we pursue with developing our own products and solutions.
Nowadays We work mainly in these two areas:

  • Automation with processing barcode tickets
  • Monitoring Machine Effectiveness

In 2003 we got an idea to develop a device capable of automatically process barcode tickets. There was no point to develop mechanical part of the device because there was a significant number of already existing and functional solutions out there. We just needed to pick one that fits us the best. After many „blind“ attempts we found a reliable and great working hardware from a japanese brand GLORY(model no. GFB800) and added necessary sensors, electronics, barcode scanner and software. Eventually we came up with a model GMS-1000K wherewith we registered a big success in coming years. Shopping malls across the whole Europe use GMS-1000. Large batches were sold to LIDL, Tesco, Kaufland, Billa, Cheque Dejeuner, Edenred and the others. Nowadays we keep on exporting in EU as well as worldwide.

In 2014 We developed a new device named TS1000. This product is able to count and sort banknotes and barcode tickets. We haven’t found any other manufacturer providing such a features. The next important direction for our company is Machine monitoring system and DNC networks. These two systems are a great way to monitore and analyze CNC production cycles, watching downtimes and measuring overal effectiveness. MMC system tends for watching machine effectiveness and calculating coefficient OEE. Our largest customer on this field is the czech gun making enterprise Ceska Zbrojovka a.s. Uhersky Brod.

Camo, Spol. s.r.o. is holder of certificate ISO 9001:2015
Camo, Spol. s.r.o. is a member of Chamber of Commecrce and Ing. Rudolf Fojtik is a member of Supervisory board of Chamber of Commerce in Zlin Region.

  • 2020 Covid-19 won't stop us!
    We are releasing new devices starting with GMS-1000KST + TS1000KST.
  • 2014
    TS1000 coming out years after the success of GMS-1000K. New counting tool comes with new convenient features.
  • 2009 DNC Networks
    The birth of our DNC and OEE solutions for Engineering and manufactoring companies.
  • 2003
    First idea to make a machine capable to read and process barcode tickets.
  • 1991 The company was established
    From the very beginning Camo has been focused on selling products and services in IT sector.

We help our customers to improve production efficiency and effectiveness
To increase their profit alongside with our Solutions.